Toxic kids/teens

Background I started league in mid 2010 and played until 2016 because the game got filled with so many toxic respetless spoiled brats . I've played circa 70 games since 2016 now and 98% of the games either has a "report John doe" " No ganks for John doe" " Stop inting" etc... My latest match had a Yi jungler and poppy mid premade, Poppy and Yi went the our red buff at start so I went to my top lane, I was playing tryndamere, and because of this YI just refused to gank I told him stfu then my whole team went /all Report Trynda toxic, I was against Aatrox which is a counter. so I had a hard time but I only died twice until I said switch and went mid where the opposing team agreed to report me... This was a 1hour long game where my teammates did their best to last hit all of my mobs so I wouldnt get any gold, like red buffs,blue buffs, the water turtles and other minions types. I do put them on mute quickly but I always get the last word. I just don't see the point in being a respectless shitkid with your team because that certainly helps with the team spirit. What can we do about these players except the report function whic
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