Dear riot, Ive been playing this game for over 5 years. ive never been permabanend in my life. over the course of the years i had chat bans i had 14 day bans but thats because your game is full off toxic people who like to push people into saying bad things. So this account of mine ive spend over hundred of euro's maybe thousands of euro's. And it got permabanned? why cause of some things i said to people in the game? What is a game if u cant Sh*t talk in it. U send me text with youre permabanned and u send me the chatlog. let me tell u the course of these 2 games. We were in Champselect and someone doged 3 times. and i had the same support in those 3 champion selections. i asked him if he wanted to trade he said yes (this was the 2nd champion selection. When it was my turn to pick someone dogded. So the 3th Champion selection round he was aigan my support. so i had in mind he still wanted to switch so after it was my turn to pick for him he didnt reply in the chance that i could pick a champion for him and i was in the support catogorey and couldnt switch back to adc or else the game would dogde. So i picked him Leona and he wasnt very happy with that and insta locked janna and the team forced me to play Leona adc. Well as far as u know u will get tilted in the course of the game when the whole starts blaming you. I made some comments towards our jungler that is correct but the team was Sh*t talking all game and sorry im not the type of person to mute them and dont say anything so i opened my mouth. So There u have riot. i would like if u could reply on this or even unban me ill take a 14 day ban but a permaban is not worthy of what i did in the course of those 2 games. like i said this account is worth at least thousand euro so please unban my account. (excuse me for the english grammar it isnt my first language
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