I am trash, I got my sisters account banned

Hi, I'll keep it short I have a bad past of raging and flaming and I'm aware of it, but I'm trying to improve it and when I make mistakes I accept my punishment. Yesterday my sister asked me to help her getting out of bronze leagues. I offered to do it for her, but today in of the games the entire team was harrasing me and I made the mistake of flaming them back. But here is the thing: Her account got permanantly suspended from 1 game of flaming. The worst part, she had skins for almost all of her champions and all of that is gone thanks to me. I know I shouldn't have flamed, I know I shouldn't have raged, but my sister doesn't deserve this. There for I am asking you, please ban 1 of my gold or silver accounts instead. She is only bronze 2 now and it's not about the leagues or divisions, but I feel horrible. I deserve this punishment, not my sister. She payed a lot of money for all these skins and I don't want her to lose them. I payed money for skins on my own accounts as well, in fact I've got quite a few. On my gold account I have over 100 champions owned, but I'd still rather see that account banned then my sisters bronze account. Please. I don't even understand how her account got permanantly suspended for 1 game of flaming. She herself never got punished for raging or flaming before. On my own accounts I always got chat restrictions or temperary bans, but never a permanent suspension for 1 game of flaming/raging. Again riot. contact me please. I'll provide you with my own account details so you can ban those instead. ~ A brother that feels horrible.
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