2 weeks ✓ 100+ games played ✓ Chat not used ✓ A single Honor checkpoint X

Seriously. I got chat restricted for a rather minor infraction a few weeks back (I called someone a noob and threatened to report them, but that's besides the point). I dropped from Honor Level 2 Checkpoint 1 to Honor Level 1 Checkpoint 0. I quickly cleared out my chat restriction (10 games) and have since then played 100+ games over the last weeks where I did not use the chat AT ALL besides saying "gj" and "gg" ocasionally. I am STILL sitting at Honor Level 1 Checkpoint 0. Absolutely no progress. I've been getting honors. I've been getting key fragments. I've been honoring people. I've been grinding my ass off. Riot, if you're gonna make it so easy to drop in honor just because of some competitive banter, how about you make it not impossible to get back up? I didn't use any slurs, I didn't use any insults (curse words), now I'm locked out of Season Rewards even though I'm "reformed" and have been grinding like crazy to get my honor back. Thanks a lot.
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