Flaming, toxicity and you.

**Disclaimer! This post is strictly my toughts, opinions and no science behind it whatsoever** While at work today I've been thinking, thinking, and thinking a little bit more about why flamers and toxic players do that they do, and I've come to a few conclutions for myself. In my own early stages of exploring the internet I used to have some anger issues, not gonna lie. I got bullied as a kid and used the internet as my way of "getting rid of the anger" so I found fast paced games and used up all my anger beating up happy squirrels as a mad squirrel. (I miss that game!) And it was fine! I could sit there cursing at the screen and beat up virtual squirrels because it wouldn't harm anyone! Now we have games like league of legends, a tactics heavy game of beat up the other team and win. All of us have bad days, but how we use that fact differs. I think alot of players, subconciously use league as their "freebie" to get out their anger because, well, they can't see anything other than a screen. In most cases where I know toxic/flaming people they are usually really good people but whenever I ask them why they flame they just answer with something along the lines of "why not? Noone will get hurt by it." Wich leads me to conclude with that they lack the understanding of the fact there's 9 other real people playing at their PC's in the same game as them. They know it, they just can't really get the feeling of it since _they will never meet them in real life anyway._ I don't know what I wanted with this, it's just a tought really. Maybe someone have something to add or something to say against it?
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