I just got banned after being asked to kill myself IRL by a teammate.

So, I just got banned after a quite frustrating game. I got asked to kill myself IRL by my laning partner which caused obvious frustration from my side as well but I did not wish cancer on him, nor did I tell him to fuck off. Since Riot has the view that they will not, under any circumstance lift bans... I thought I'd give it a go and make it public on Reddit and the boards, seeing as that is usually the only way for it to get traction. _Edit_ I forgot to post the chatlogs that obviously are very important. I do hope that the people who read it will have understanding for the fact that the responses I made, were in answer to the fact that I was told to go kill myself. [http://link.email.riotgames.com/YesConnect/HtmlMessagePreview?f5Q1J5SJ6nHVRvny4QlJTEx4UDiQqAPzH2YP/4lwc5k=.enc&msgVersion=web](http://link.email.riotgames.com/YesConnect/HtmlMessagePreview?f5Q1J5SJ6nHVRvny4QlJTEx4UDiQqAPzH2YP/4lwc5k=.enc&msgVersion=web) _Edit 2_ Someone sent me a message suggesting I got a permaban because I quoted the person who told me to get cancer and die IRL, seeing as it's an automatic ban that could be legit.

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