Racism in LoL

I recently played in a group trying for the first time Karthus....I said that when I joined the team so they could have kicked me if they didn't like it...instead they begged me not to leave because it was hard to get players...The leader of the game was TehTzar...He said at some point that he is from Slovenia...at first all was good...I died a bit...11 deaths by the end of the game..I apologized frequently and all were saying "no problem man"....till we started losing..(BTW at the end of the game he had 12 deaths and the rest had 11, 4 and 18 deaths so I wasn't exactly feeding)....so he starts getting angrier and angrier and starts accusing people of being "noobs", "what a noob team" etc so I said at some point "man relax it is only a computer game"....so first he said "Karthus delete LoL"..and then he started going on about my country....(I am Cypriot but my name suggests I am Greek because that is what I see myself as), "ofcource you don't care if you ruin the game, your country ruined Europe" and went on like that for a good 10 minutes...how his country lent mine 20 million and how we destroyed Europe and things like that...at first I kept my cool tried to explain that things are not as simple as he thinks and he should get a litlle more informed about such important issues before he starts accusing others of such things( I know this is how many Europeans think about Greece as well and I do believe it is unjustified...and sad).....I do admit that at some point I lost my cool...said some harsh things myself...but I can only take so much slander and humiliation...I did report him...for all the good it will do...I read once that behaviors like that will not be tolerated..I hope it is true...it is ONLY a game...nothing more...seriously...just a fucking game...why do people get so upset about losing a game??? Then he went on yelling to the enemy jungler cause he said he got owned in the jungle etc...Anyway...my point is...I don't care what problems you have with Greece...or any other country for that matter...Leave them out of the game...I don't want to hear you political views when I am playing...If you can't say something good then don't speak at all...I have seen similar things happen to Polish guys, Romanians, a gay boy I once played with(we were talking on chat and he said he was...he got really humiliated by another player)...it is just Ugly...Thank you for reading..I hope Riot does something about this...
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