AFK players and feedback on reports

The fact of the matter is that there is simply no more feedback when you report a player even the ticket system reports is also just bots now. there are so many cases where a bot would not recognised a person intentionally feeding or standing AFK in base. for the report system to work Riots employees need to start actually paying attention to report about people going afk or running it down mid. Truth is Riot doesn't care much about what type of players they have in their game they just want as many players as they can get. I understand that but to reduce customer service by not letting you report such players directly to an employee just discourages reporting over all and doesn't help anyone. If a report bot didn't care about it the first time it wont the 2nd time, Time for Riot to give some attention to their non toxic non inting and afk player base before no one takes this game seriously anymore.
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