Report button in champion select to discourage pre-game flamers and trolls

Hi! I have been playing ranked since season 2, and i really think that we should have an option to report players in champion select. Way too many times, people can get away with saying that they will troll or just being toxic in general, then acting innocent in-game. I do not have a screenshot of this, but a few days ago, i encountered a person whose champion was banned, where they started to wishing all of the players death and saying they will troll, and i quote: " lol i can do whatever the **** i want, you can't report me here haha". i am aware some people are just having fun and joking around, but this is not seen very often, and i really think we should have this option. too many people get away with being toxic or threatening to purposely assist the other team. I am NOT saying we should have penalty-free dodges, not at all, just a simple way to report a player in champ select.
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