Hello, hi, hey everybody in this dear community, I don't play LoL for a long time, though I've learned a lot of things during these matches and experiences. Well, recently I'v purchased a new champ Akali. I meant to try her safely in a bot game, just for fun and figure her out before going into 5v5 normal S.R mode. Anyways, I played with her and got bunch of kills (20 for a bot game is not a lot actually). Then I paid a visit to other lanes which were half lonely at the moment, and I killed the half HP enemy bots. "DOUBLE KS" pops up in the chat. I'm like "WTF. Are you for real?" It turns out, you get these damn words even in a BOT game, and even when it wasn't real "KS". That's one story though I get to hear these words really often, because I play Katarina a lot. And you know Kata - flexible, fast and deadly especially in team fights, where you can't even see what's actually happening, then you get a "KS" message. I always want to help a teammate because he's about to die ( I see it, the HP bar is really close on both ). Then I step in, and instead of saying " Thank you! You saved my life " my 1 HP teammate says " KS NOOB ". And I'm again like "WTF. Are you for real?" Since then I've been avoiding these situations, well the teammate dies and shouts "NO HELP REPORT". What am I supposed to fuc*ing do then? Yes. This community is messed up. I want to play with some player who have respect, and an actual passion to play and not to gain kills for themselves like a beast. I just wanted to hear your opinion on KS (unless it's totally obvious and on purpose).
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