Permanently banned

Hi guys, this got me permanently banned. Just before you read the actual chat log, let me tell you what happened. I was playing adc and my support was taking all my farm (Brand). Of course I got tilted, because a support shouldn't be taking cs during the game. Instead he went on while even using abilities on the minions and blaming me for my playstyle, I'm silver 2 atm, and I'm not a challenger, I know that. But I got gold last season, so I know a few basics. Anyways, even the midlaner was agreeing with me on this and the jungler of course was his premade, insulting me aswell... On that note, he was even being toxic to me, for well a "trolling" reason. As he was gold 2, he was thrashtalking me all the way, because he was way better then me... I reacted by saying, I'm waiting for those extreme skills of yours. Nothing wrong with it, and I feel like I have the right to defense myself. Game 1 ElementAlix: my god brand, stop being %%%%%%ed ElementAlix: get out of the lane, and help another one, i dont ened yours ElementAlix: get out ElementAlix: i dont want you here ElementAlix: gtfo ElementAlix: its lost anyways, why should i care, you take my cs and play as a %%%%%% ElementAlix: youre bad for this community, go play another game ElementAlix: youre a awful player, ruining every players game ElementAlix: look it up... ElementAlix: %%%%%% ElementAlix: playing support, while taking cs ElementAlix: hard to hit, when youre using abilities on it ElementAlix: play your lane solo ;) ElementAlix: sure ElementAlix: brand is being a douchebag ElementAlix: yes ElementAlix: youre a useless supp ElementAlix: youll die a lot more ElementAlix: report brand being toxic pls ElementAlix: even mid doesnt like you, you guys are so awful to play with ElementAlix: haha tilted? ElementAlix: seems you cant do much this game ElementAlix: and you died? ElementAlix: pity on you ElementAlix: i had to look at how you werent going to die, seems you died 3 times since then :p ElementAlix: 3 ElementAlix: seems you cant haha ElementAlix: waiting for those extreme skills of yours ElementAlix: oops :D ElementAlix: what are you then? ElementAlix: a thrash bin ElementAlix: cause youre on my team :p ElementAlix: matchmaking knows :p ElementAlix: so salty ElementAlix: tilted much? ElementAlix: 175 cs ElementAlix: so useful as a supp... ElementAlix: wow ElementAlix: so useful ElementAlix: best supp EUW ElementAlix: ahahaha ElementAlix: a brand supp with farm ElementAlix: no shit Anyways, it got me permanently banned, which means I can't play this game anymore. I haven't been racist, haven't been discriminating. I was just commenting on his playstyle (support farming and blaming adc). If saying the word "%%%%%%", while reacting to his playstyle, not the person himself is such an insult and so bad for this community, well I think everyone should get banned. Because I honestly don't know what is so bad about this chat log. Your thoughts?
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