Getting way too many toxic people in my games

Is RITO trolling me or am I just getting really unlucky with teammates? I've had tonnes of games where a player DC'ed on our team and we can't remake. I also get a fudgetonne of toxic teammates. I get the "A player you reported has been punished" after pretty much every game and every time I log on. Honestly RIOT? Are you just queueing me with toxic people and dc'ers (not mutually exclusive, some are both). It just feels like I'm getting them all the time now. OR, have you seen that I am fair and just in my reporting and you just go "Ah, this guy reported someone again, we'd better ban 'em". Have I become your last line of defense against toxic people? Do I just have a queue of "MAY BE TOXIC" people that are just waiting to play with me so you can see if I'll report them. Sometimes it really does feel that way. I won't deny that I do have great games as well, but it feels like 70% of the time I lose it's because of someone trolling, dc'ing (after connecting so we can't remake), or just being generally toxic (yes, being toxic reduces your chances of winning duh).
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