AFK punished for unavoidable circumstances

I cant control my service provider and the monthly subscription i pay for it. SKY broadband have a histroy of internet errors and shutdowns during times people shoudlnt be using the internet. Unfortunatly I am one of those people and i shoulnt be in fear of queueing up for a game and getting disconnected completely out of my control. I just think its unfair i now have to wait 20 extra minutes ( then adding on ridiculous waiting times ) becuase I lean NOTHING from you adding me to a lower priority queue. I dont want to go afk and punishing me for going afk when i could do nothing to get back into the game is totally unfair in my opinion. I dont know if Riot have a way to distinguish AFK behavoir and connection issues, becuase this punishment has happened more than once on my account, and more than once has it beena result of my internet, not my behavoir and ragequitting. I just wish there was a smaller punishment for something i have no control over. I have heard in the new /remake system that people are getting punished for the AFK, which in ranked is fine, I just dont think punsihments should be as harsh for normals and such. Thank you for readin this post I hope it didnt bug you too much {{champion:268}} I just wanted to share my view on the responsibility of players and Riot support when concering such factors out of their control
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