is one game enough to permaban me?

it hapened again. because of one report i get banned . 1st was in october and it was an insta 2 week ban , without any warning or chat restriction. now too i got a permaban for 1 game even though i get at least 1 honor every game and riot didnt even let me get out ot dishonored state with about 5 games per day , leaving me with 10 chests now . im doing my best to to win games and climb the elo ladder , same thing was with my previous acc "trollsupp" which i had since season 1 . heres the log and screenshot Game 1 ihturito: %%%s ihturito: hi tris ihturito: well, you could help me poke them in red ihturito: not just gifting it to them ihturito: %%% ihturito: talk about camp ihturito: %%% just waited till we were low hp ihturito: im just waiting for quinn shard so i can %%%% you up ihturito: %%%% riot, these %%%%ers banned my acc that i had since season 1 ihturito: sure, ppl troll feed and afk but lets ban the guy with sharp toungue ihturito: .. ihturito: DONT PING DRAKE IF YOU DONTCOME ihturito: then you should come with me back them ihturito: wow, an assassin can kill an adc? ihturito: you can se our chat? ihturito: duble stopwatch is %%%%%%ed indeed ihturito: t('.'t) ihturito: THIS IS IONIA ihturito: PRAISE THE SUN \|T|/ ihturito: she knows da wae ihturito: lel ihturito: \|t|/ ihturito: why not diana and it also was a game where they started to flame at me and ping-spam me at min 0:30 because i was in toilet during loadign screen. if you really want to prove my fault then at least please show the whole chatlog , not just my words out of context. and if it was really just because of "offensive language" then riot could just chat restrict me since he didnt do this in the first place
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