Too many players queue up for Ranked with an already negative/defeatist mindset

It's game after game in Gold elo. People queue up with an already negative mood and have a defeatist mindset after the first mistake and there's nothing to convince them otherwise, and in a lot of cases, that one or two players drag the rest of the team with them and the whole thing spirals out of control. If you don't feel focused, calm and positive, don't queue up for Ranked, because the chance of you tilting is so much higher and that creates a bad game for your whole team. Just do something else to bring your mood up and calm you down. Know that what you say in the chat and the way you treat the match and your team, it effects everyone on the team, and that means you're going down with them, so you're basically digging your own grave. TL;DR: Don't queue if you're pissed off, tilted or anything like that, don't do that to 4 strangers that end up being on the team with you.
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