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My account has been suspended for 14 days. I have hit level 30 some days ago. Everytime I play LoL, I match up with players higher than level 150, and Silver/Gold ranked ones. I play bad at game, they flame me, I answer, and my account gets suspended. Really? Is it my fault that a guy who plays LoL for like month and a half, matches up with players who are playing LoL for years, and then plays bad? Here, I have reform cards down there copied, from the beggining to the end. I want ANYONE of you to show me where I deserved ban. I thought Riot reviews reports before the ban. I really can not understand what did I say wrong. I mind my language everytime I play LoL.**** Game 1 Pre-Game Farmzur: i think you're support so Farmzur: how can u go mid when u got support dude Farmzur: yeah we're sorry too for getting banned Farmzur: :D Farmzur: that doesnt change a fact Farmzur: u play this game Farmzur: and another fact Farmzur: that you wont be able to play it Farmzur: after this day xd Farmzur: we dont care if u are addicted or not Farmzur: haha k Farmzur: yeah Farmzur: and if he feeds Farmzur: report Farmzur: i mean, anyway report Farmzur: but 1 more reason :D Farmzur: so yeah, all 4 of us. report him. gg, banned Farmzur: 1 less troll in ranked! In-Game Farmzur: Qiyana, Fizz will troll and feed. be a man, dont do that. Farmzur: asodkaspdokasdopkasdpoaksdpoask Farmzur: i play on fkin top with my midlane runes cause of troll mid Farmzur: against my counter hero Farmzur: and alistar is pinging "????????????" Farmzur: so come top and play Farmzur: you gave me top? Farmzur: dude 10 more secs Farmzur: before lockdown Farmzur: and Farmzur: 10 more secs before lockdown Farmzur: and we talking who should play what Farmzur: and hgow many deaths? Farmzur: ok im going mid Farmzur: cause i got mid Farmzur: not top Farmzur: so i go mid now Farmzur: gold 4 Farmzur: shame u getting banned Farmzur: :) Farmzur: yeah right, im the villain being a good guy and giving my lane to some troll Farmzur: yall 9 can report me Farmzur: they will review the report so Farmzur: ;) Farmzur: 1 report for Fizz is more than enough than 9 for me Farmzur: :) Farmzur: "%%%%%%ed monster" is bannable, just as Fizz's troll Farmzur: :) Farmzur: guy gets support Farmzur: says "whatever im not addicted" Farmzur: i act like a good guy, i go top with midlane runes Farmzur: against my counter hero Farmzur: and you say "you're the one we lost because" Farmzur: xDDDDDDDDDDDD Farmzur: having a bad game Farmzur: is not bannable Farmzur: trolling is Farmzur: so Farmzur: :) Farmzur: haha Farmzur: ok support role Farmzur: you're not Farmzur: xD Farmzur: and the only thing fizz needed to do is select Mid role Farmzur: not Support Farmzur: and then troll Farmzur: I got a screenshots where fizz said Farmzur: " i will troll " Farmzur: xD i dont rly care are you or are you not Farmzur: i just answer Farmzur: on your messages Farmzur: you started first, im not gonna shut my mouth up Farmzur: cause you think you are right Farmzur: yall report me Farmzur: lets see how Riot responds Farmzur: :) Farmzur: and I will report fizz and alistar Farmzur: so lets see Farmzur: :) Farmzur: its not important if u mute me. i'll still report you all :) Farmzur: and I'll ask on forums Farmzur: can fizz be played Farmzur: as support Farmzur: :D Farmzur: u should see what Fizz is picking on his support role xD Farmzur: yeah report yasuo for being a good guy giving mid lane to a guy who got support, and said " i dont care ban me i will troll " XD Farmzur: and u dont hate fizz at all? Post-Game Farmzur: say good bye, Fizz Game 2 Pre-Game Farmzur: mid Farmzur: mid Farmzur: mid Farmzur: mid Farmzur: trynda reported :) In-Game Farmzur: what the %%%%? Farmzur: yeah, report zoe too. its troll :) Farmzur: just report zoe dude, dont worry Farmzur: yeah Graves report me , i said mid first, this Zoe didnt say any lane. and report me, go Farmzur: graves can uu help me man? i thought you're the only normal guy in this team Farmzur: graves, what are you doing on top???? Farmzur: dude the only ones who should get reported are zoe and you. so pls. Farmzur: illaoli fed. Farmzur: zoe and trynda, u RLY think someone else is getting banned, instead of you? you guys are deadass banned. ;) Farmzur: look at me what? did I troll pick like you? :D Post-Game Farmzur: report Zoe and Trynda for troll pick. tyt Game 3 In-Game Farmzur: kayn, u see master yi on low hp, and u see lee sin ganking me. u dont come and help, no? Farmzur: diana , whatever Farmzur: dude you're gonna get reported, u know? Farmzur: ? Farmzur: ? Farmzur: can we surr at 15? we have 1 afk and 1 jungle feed Farmzur: feed jng yes? he fed my master yi, so gg Farmzur: u go help jungle, not mid Farmzur: i got first blood and 2/0 and then diana gave 2 deaths to yi Farmzur: yeah and i have 2 kills and 1 assist so Farmzur: np Farmzur: how garen voted if eh is afk? Farmzur: ? what should i say now? Farmzur: gg MF? Farmzur: sorry, MR perfect Farmzur: i heard of you, TheLightPower Farmzur: never had a bad game in life Farmzur: :D Farmzur: I'm glad i have a chance to play alongside u Farmzur: carry us MR best player in lol Farmzur: i hit lvl 30 some days ago Farmzur: i ain't even bronze Farmzur: xD Farmzur: idk what are you talking about Farmzur: it's you who's flaming me Farmzur: nah guys ont surrender, we have a chance Farmzur: and you are wery bad in english too Farmzur: so lets talk about it Farmzur: are you speaking english for the first time? Farmzur: i can report you for talking about me in other language. its flaming :) Farmzur: thanks man, but its a game so, either I will learn, either I wont care about it. Farmzur: lol Farmzur: welcome
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