Picking Teemo in solo queue

So after a 20min queue, my game popped up. I joined the champion select screen and proceeded to pick a champion I could possibly be playing which was Teemo. {{champion:17}} And the the party started{{summoner:1}} zqd : i understand teemo might be appealing champion for you filthy scum{{champion:107}} , but for the sake of other humans playing this game, can you pick something else Rohitz : It was just a joke{{champion:35}} pick, BUT since you wrote a special essay{{item:1052}} *actually lock in Teemo*{{champion:17}} AionTS magier : oho Gsh0ot : xD AionTS magier : i think we have a problem here zqd : i thought that essay was top grade AionTS magier : someone call an ambulance Gsh0ot : yee a teemo Gsh0ot : against poppy JollyRoger 17 : teemo u are fucking nopob{{item:3751}} JollyRoger 17 : bye{{summoner:4}} JollyRoger 17 : reated JollyRoger 17 left the room. A player left champ select. Your group was returned to matchmaking. Back into the 20 min queue time. {{item:3027}} (inb4 "id have dodged as well") (inb4 OP cant inb4) Quite an amazing community isnt it.
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