has league taught you a life lesson too?

when i started playing league i was just that casual bronze 5 player everyone means when he calls someone a boosted bronze 5 player. i was exactly that guy. i flamed a lot, thought i was better than others of my elo, thought id deserve a higher elo while i was incredibly bad at the game. as i made my way up the ladder i more and more realized how bad i actually was. i started to recognize my own mistakes and noticed how many i actually made. all the time i was blaming my teammates while I myself couldve done so much more and every time i would be going to flame someone or when i think that id be better than players i get matched with i remember that. and then i get all calm again because it reminds me that its all my fault not anyone elses. this mindset helps me so much in real life. i have also learned to gain knowledge on my own. i have learned a complete new way of thinking. i can acquire new knowledge much faster and fill up lacks of knowledge on my own. it really feels like league has made me a more intelligent person as a whole. am i the only one who feels like this? probably not many are gonna feel like this since there are not many players who have the necessary experience to understand what i mean but i would still like to know

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