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ive just had possibly the worst marksman game ive had in a long time. to clarify i went into team builder with a happy and open mind, having just had a victory as jinx with a teemo supp in bot lane. i gave him the benefit of the doubt and he seemed like a nice player. it payed off, we won lane and went on to help win the game. good feelings and fuzzy thoughts all round :) now my next game i was happy to accept an ahri support (i thought to myself if teemo can be a good and willing support why not an ahri) with a xin in jungle, ezreal mid and top ryze our team seemed odd, but i was optimistic. ahri was pleasant and chatty at first which was fine. we get into lane and im instantly zoned by an enemy caitlyn and supp nunu. (i later find out cait is actually plat 5) ahri stays behind me the whole time she is in lane, lands no skill shots, nor once cait hit 6 did she block any of caits ults. after backing for the 2nd time and trying to save my first tower ahri simply says "lol imma afk for a bit" after that she says nothing more and afks by the 2nd tower... 1 minute later first tower falls and cait and nunu kill her in seconds. ive tried to hold my lane and scrounge all the cs i can get but... it doesnt look good. i ping several times for assistance which largely fell on deaf ears. however our top ryze did take the time to inform me that "stop pinging you need assistance and farm up. your farm is s***" so on my way back to lane from base i looked up at the score. ryze has died 4 times and has 87CS... 9 more than ive got. ive had rengar gank twice, cait constantly poke me down, and nunu do all the things nunu does. literally the second the 20 minute mark hits a surrender vote is thrown up. i click surrender. the sad thing about this whole mess wasnt the way cait and nunu outplayed me. because they did frankly. it was the reactions (or lack of in ezreal and xins cases) that really made me feel useless. i didnt flame, i tried to convey what was happening in lane and all i got in return was to be ignored or flamed... its games like this that make me wonder, will ranked be worse? will it be better? aside from the one helpful non meta support that was nice, are the rest flame baiters waiting to happen? even worse ive just recently hit mastery rank 4 with jinx which im proud of, but after a game like that it brings into question my own skill. admittedly im unranked and have been since finishing silver 1 in season 3. i nearly got gold but whenever i could get on the servers were down, yet when i was at work the servers were up. which made me not want to play ranked in season 4 and after team builder games like this? im beginning to question how much fun i actually have in league. which to me, is kind of sad. after the heart ive put into this game and the little money ive put in and all the time ive contributed to others wins and loses. questioning whether i want to play it now really bothers me. i dont get the mentality of the players on my team and why despite knowing whats happening they allowed it to get worse. yet worse than that to ignore the problem, or in ryze case to even flame me. all ive managed to take from that game which to me is the small win i could scrounge out of it, is that even 2v1 and in a few cases 3v1 i didnt conceed a kill to their team. i ended 0/0/0 with 78 cs...
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