Why does everyone blame the jungle always?

Hi, I see alot of people just lose lane and blame the jungler for it. They forget that the jungler needs to farm as well and think generally junglers are only there to gank. I cannot gank when people hard push all the time and they call for help only when they need it. When you want a gank, please, back down a little and let the enemy laners hard push to your lane. Setup the junglers space to be able to gank. Also don't call for help when you don't need it. I also see lots of players calling me for help when I'm farming, then I come and he/she won the trade. In that time I could have farmed. U just wasted my precious time. Lastly, winning your lane is not the junglers job. You are responsible for losing the lane. If you lose lane, it's not the junglers fault, but it is yours. U chose to play aggressive when you knew that the junglers was not there. U could have played safely and back down, farmed up and still get fed late. This was all I wanted to say. Thnx.
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