Why do people care about flaming?

tl;dr why do you care about flaming just mute Riot has to spend so much time banning flamers. Let's be honest - riot couldn't care less about the community *ahem dynamic que* so if nobody complained about flaming they probably wouldn't do anything about it - ( riot fanboys fuck off, no they wouldn't ) Serious question, why do you all cry SO MUCH about flaming? If someones wishing cancer on you and saying directly racist remarks, fair enough. But come on , 99% of the community whines when someone puts a questionmark in chat after you flash into 5 people while playing twitch and die. All of you cry " FLAME, FLAME, REPORT HIM! PERMENANT BAN! " when the slightest negative remark is said. If someone says " ffs, stop feeding top " because your constantly dying and fighting toplane, you cry about flame. If someone says " FFS LEONA PLEASE JUST EXHAUST THEIR ZED " , you say " FLAME, 9X THIS GUY PLEASE " If someone says "GRAGAS COME TO FUCKING DRAGON THEY ARE TAKING IT " you cry and cry about flaming. 99.999999999999% of the bans and flaming could be avoided if anny of you ever muted people. Half of you who say you mute people don't actually mute people either. I played a game yesturday in ranked. I completley annhailated everyone as Draven. I was bieng camped ridiculously hard bot, the level 5 katarina and level 4 lee sin both ganked me at like 5 minutes, and continued to gank me every 2 minutes. Every time they ganked me I would get a kill. Mid was 100cs down at 20 minutes dispite the fact he basically had nobody in his lane and top was 1/4 disipite the fact he was bieng ganked for and was never ganked. I Finally complained, and said " wtf how did top and mid lose so hard ? you never got ganked and basically played without an opponent " After the game, our toplaner was literally crying spamming to report me and that I should get banned. For saying that? Really? I even got 4 honors from the enemy team lmao. JUST FUCKING MUTE PEOPLE it's really not that hard, Riot won't have to ban accounts and you won't be crying about somene saying your trash at the game anymore. PS, riot banning people has alot more of a negative connotation then it does a positive. Whenver my smurfs are banned I log onto another and * i defintley don't go into ranked and troll for 5-10 games just to spite riot* and i *defintley* don't have friends who do the same thing Out
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