Players perceive way too much negativity.

I often read about people saying "I have afks/trolls/feeds **every** game" and I hardly find this possible, I have the same chance of encountering such players and I just don't encounter them that often. And after 2 years of gameplay I can't say I'm simply "lucky", there has to be something more involved into it. Few hours ago I opened a thread called [Why all the hate on premades?]( and many players started joining the discussion. One interesting thing I noticed is that the players that find premades toxic, answered to my post in a quite aggressive way... downvoting and being mad at me because I have a different opinion. This, along with other similar posts about player behaviour make me assume that those who complain about having many negative experiences are often part of that negativity themselves. It can't be random that I very rarely get trolls/flamers and others get them every game. The only player that remains the same in your matches is _you_. This is my thought.
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