Can't get out of Bronze

As the title says, I can't get out of Bronze. I've been playing LoL from season 2 and I'm quite ashamed I ended up here. I don't want to look like the typical "blame it on the jungler" guy , but that's what I'm going to say here , in a nice way, of course. First of all , what is a "GG" for you? Most of the people I met consider a good game one that they win in ( again , I'm in bronze ). What I consider a good game is one that has been played nicely , with cooperation , teamwork ( is it the same with "cooperation" ? I don't think so. ) , encouraging, etc etc ( basically the "TEAMWORK OP" video ). However , I can have a good game if I lose. No , not that kind of "gg" that became a habit to write at the end of the match. I actually feel **satisfied** if the match I played was one where everyone just wanted to have some fun, even if my team lost at the end. That's how it goes. A team wins and the other loses. What I learnt in these years of playing LoL : 1. Pick only champions and roles you are 100% sure you rock with ( valid in ranked only ) 2. Don't flame. **NEVER** flame , for god's sake. 3. Don't blame others for your death. You are responsible for your way of playing , therefore , it's **YOUR** fault if you die. ( exception here for {{champion:34}} 's wall and {{champion:223}} taking you in the middle of the team. There are more , probably, but I don't recall any right now ) 4. If you see the opponent outmatches you , don't be afraid to call in for a gank . 5. Accept the idea that you simply can't win every match. 6. You give a kill, two, three,... to the opponent. Stay back. Farm. Lose your turret. Do anything but start feeding. If you do that you cripple your team's chances to win. These are 6 things I live by ( in LoL ). I always respect them. I always try to be the ideal teammate and opponent. But , oooh God, what I stumble upon. "idiot omg you give first blood" "report Orianna no help" "fkin noob fk offff idiot kid" "wtf" "report my team" and the list goes on... and on... and on... Soon , I will stop playing LoL if this is the situation. I have a lot of friends that play LoL, but they can't always come when I play , or I can't come when they do. Each one of us has a life ( Oh wait. I took my time to write this long post. Guess I don't really have a life ). I don't want to be forced to always play with my team to be able to have normal( ranked ) matches ( I also want a cool frame the next season , lol ). It's not that I'm nice and stay back. I actually try to put the flames down. I always say "chill. it's just a game" "ah, cmon , you don't want to be mad just for this..." "we need to be a team , team" , etc. I learnt in school that if you want to change the world you first have to change yourself. And ohh, I did. from season 2 where I was exactly what I told you above ( "idiot omg" ) I evolved into this nice Gyarados that is very nice to people. I tried everything. Ok , now the entire point of this post. If you are one of "them" ( presented in the upper side of the post - line 23 and down ) , consider following , if not all , some of the points I made. I keep losing because of my teams. I don't try not to blame myself. I always pick the champions I play best with ( in these years I can say I got pretty good with some ) and I have the behaviour i showed above. After considering for months , I ended up concluding that it may not be my fault for losing.If you have a solution to my problem , other than not playing solo queue , feel free to tell me. Also ,the same goes if you don't agree with me or think I am too forgiving to myself and I am , in fact , responsible for my losses. EDIT: `Sigh` I can't make myself clear , can't I? Most of you seem to not understand me , and see me as a "omg report my team sucks wood 5" player. I'm not. I'm really not. At the beginning of the match I have an equal amount of respect ( can't really put that into numbers , though ) for every teammate. I lose some respect for them when I see: * instalocking * raging/flaming * treating others with superiority * etc Even if they lose my respect, I don't start acting bitchy around them. It's sure I won't play another match with those, but during the actual game I try to make the most of it. For replying , please don't quote me. if it's not for an argument. I have a person here that just replies to bits from my posts ( just the bad ones , of course ) and acts like the other paragraphs don't even exist. When calling me names and deciding what attitude I have , take your time and read the entire thing.
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