Always being ban ?

Hello Riot , This is the situation for the last mouths : I am getting ban with 75 games of chat restriction for the 4 or 5 time in a row . I admit that before the first time I could be pretty mean or toxic in some in-game circunsctancies and even being rigth getting mad I understand that I no rigth to be toxic or bad-mouth though a team mate . I think my behaviour have improve alot sense the first ban , I quit those atittudes and I try to focus on my game and ignore the trash-talk in my team chat . I admit sometimes I cant simple ignore , but I do not flame or toxic and I dont agree with all this decision on me . I feel like everytime someone just randomly reports me cuz his game went bad and I ask not to go in so caressly or because i try to correct something about his in game decisions for example , I get a suspension . I mean , isnt that why chat is there ? to talk and try to better play in team ? Why is that just ebcause someone is partying with 4 friends and I happen to get in their team I get reported for correct someone and then all firends report me or just simple report me cuz they can and they some one in court just press suspencion . I ask for you to reviow this suspention please . thank you .
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