RIOT doesn't take any action on reported players via Ticket

Here's the topic I created some time ago describing the situation : I reported the guy ingame, but knowing their automated system won't do sh*t I also opened a ticket, to which I received a classic copy paste message. Checked the guy after a few days to see if anything happened ( after 6 days from the closure of the ticket by support ) , and surprise, he still has the account intact, nobody bothered watching the screenshots/replay or even read any of the details that I sent them ... absolutely pathetic system. (can't ss his profile cuz its against the rules, but I will try to censor it if anyone doubting). Maybe I didn't sent them the best ss, but if anyone from riot watched the actual replay for at least 2 mins, they would clearly see the player in case deserved at least a 2 week ban... Support said: > _I will have the minions look into ******'s behavior, but due to privacy reasons, I will not be able to tell you what our investigation has found or if the reported players has been/will be/is punished!_ I don't think it's ok to lie in this manner no matter who you are from Riot tho Since you only get banned if you go 0 - 20, or insult other players, everyone is free to troll within those limits,.. So hop on a game, and happy trolling guys.
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