Plat 3~Dia 5

I am a main {{champion:35}} When can I start playing like a team player (what elo) in order to win? The reason the twich on screenshots said "report shaco" is because I saw him play bot and I realized he's missing some basic knowledge( about team strategy, when to fight, if jungler is near , when to push wave) so I took a wave of his (#tax?). In the end, I went full damage on purpose, even though, in 99% of cases it is not the best choice for the team comp, however it is giving me the wins xd. I'm currently plat 2 struggling my way up to dia, should I just do my thing and mute players like twitch? Note : The reason I am posting this is because I have met a lot of players like twitch and I start to tilt. I think I lost about 3 games lately were I played really well as a player // not as a team player // I could not play as a team player because of my team lacking knowledge on how Shaco is played. - Forced teamfights on places I can't touch their carries / teamfights where when I'm tanky I am left alone dying in the middle // then enemy team takes some time for cds and kills my team as well. Am I supposed to get reported every time I do what I have to do to win? (I muted twitch, I mute generally players like twitch, I prefer to avoid getting banned for other people's mistakes, lack of knowledge around the game)
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