Lol so this is all it takes to get Suspended now.

Game 1 Pre-Game 2FreshForThresh: Top In-Game 2FreshForThresh: nice arrogance riven 2FreshForThresh: wtf 2FreshForThresh: lvl 3? 2FreshForThresh: lol ok then 2FreshForThresh: i mean you got a gank at 1 min 2FreshForThresh: lol gg twitch 2FreshForThresh: amazing jgl 2FreshForThresh: and then he feeds riven for the 2nd time 2FreshForThresh: gg rep twitch 2FreshForThresh: i mean 2FreshForThresh: you got wrecked mate 2FreshForThresh: 2v1 2FreshForThresh: hmmmm 2FreshForThresh: guess that's why i beat you until twitch and sin huh? 2FreshForThresh: you must be real good to lose to a 'bad pick' 2FreshForThresh: lol? 2FreshForThresh: your first kill was twitch 2FreshForThresh: your second was handed to you by sin 2FreshForThresh: your 3rd was twitch 2FreshForThresh: i mean 2FreshForThresh: these are facts mate 2FreshForThresh: first two kills in lane were me killing you 2FreshForThresh: don't feed my lane, then i will 'shut up' 2FreshForThresh: ??? dude you were gifted 4 kills before you started winning the lane? 2FreshForThresh: yet you are sitting there acting like you are some kind of god and I fed the shit out of you? 2FreshForThresh: its amazing 2FreshForThresh: twitch, you are getting a rep for int 2FreshForThresh: you literally inted at lvl 3 and then again after leaving me to die under turret. 2FreshForThresh: gg rep int flame jgl So you cant even call people out for being scummy, just take all that shit and abuse and don't say a thing back, nice system you have there.

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