So today I started trolling a little...

Hey guys, I'd like to start by saying that I try to take all of my games fairly seriously, whether it's ranked or normals. I go into a match fully intending to be nice to my teammates, to work together and so on. Sometimes, despite my efforts I'll get nothing but flame and toxicity, which in the past has led me to flame back. and gotta me chat restricted for a few games. Anyway, I mute all now and 1v9 but players still find a way to tilt me, even with that feature enabled, and there's seemingly nothing I can do within the game rules to actually blow off a bit of steam so I can re-focus. Or... is there? Well... today a Ryze casually stole my blue buff right from under me at like lvl 7, and this shit pisses me off like nothing else. I didn't spend 18 seconds killing this mob for 0 exp, 0 gold and to still be OOM and forced to back, just for this guy to casually Q it on his way to lane. And no, I won't blow my smite to compete with my own team mate (who shouldn't be the cause of me blowing summoners). But it was ok, I knew he wouldn't have the buff for long, so I ganked his lane. I rolled a snowball up to LeBlanc, knocked her up, and walked away. I was OOM so couldn't really follow up, so I walked away, and watched greedy little Ryze blow his summoners just to die under her tower, losing his (my) blue in less than 30 seconds and dying to the enemy. Revenge is served, and it was delicious. This little act of trolling made me feel a lot better, helped me mentally forgive Ryze (despite him still attempting to steal camps I was working on) and focus on winning the game. And yes, we won. I know it's a bit petty, but this is honestly the best way I've found with dealing with the bullshit griefing at low Elo. Sorry that I'm just such a shit human being, but I take the pragmatic approach because I don't want my own team mates to tilt me lol

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