Why is it not possible to buy a Ranked-ready account directly from riot games?

Every day you read about bot accounts and smurfs being a detriment to the experience of new players, but despite riots best efforts to ban botted accounts and toxic players this has seemingly not changed. **redacted** And since people do not care about accounts they have bought for so little money they display worse behavior than normal. This obviously means they will get banned most of the time, but that doesnt solve the problem. People will either stop playing (thus losing Riot potential revenue from skins) or go ahead and buy another botted account (which continues to support the botting problem). I believe Riot could fix these problems by offering their own Account buying/boosting service, which allows players to skip the levels 1-30. If there was an official way to buy accounts the bots would disappear over night since the endeavor would not be financially viable anymore. Of course new players should not have access to this service, since they have to learn the game, but by requiring a verified level 30+ account you could fix that issue. Another benefit of doing it this way would be that you could punish the main account if the smurf misbehaves. **So in conclusion:** **Riot, level 1-30 sucks, the leveling-bots in low levels show that. Please offer a way to buy smurfs to alleviate the suffering of new players and veterans alike.**
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