Permanently banned

Game 1 spoweDDcho: i am done with this game spoweDDcho: i will get ganked and killed under turret at lvl 2 spoweDDcho: now again spoweDDcho: master spoweDDcho: no wonder why we are losing spoweDDcho: you are fkcing trash spoweDDcho: their jg is 2x times better than you spoweDDcho: he deals 220 per Q spoweDDcho: and he has MR spoweDDcho: perfect spoweDDcho: 8 kills spoweDDcho: just no comment spoweDDcho: ff this already spoweDDcho: vayne 0/5 spoweDDcho: just ff wtf spoweDDcho: and go next spoweDDcho: i am gonna pray for better jg next game spoweDDcho: you cant see the reason why we lose? spoweDDcho: their jg spoweDDcho: 8/2/5 spoweDDcho: 100 farm spoweDDcho: our 2/4/3 100 farm spoweDDcho: vayne talks spoweDDcho: hahah spoweDDcho: do you make the difference between 10 ganks spoweDDcho: and 2 ganks? spoweDDcho: its gg spoweDDcho: report akali spoweDDcho: 7 deaths spoweDDcho: her top only 2 kills spoweDDcho: but rep her spoweDDcho: caps off spoweDDcho: ape spoweDDcho: i am not talking anymore spoweDDcho: muted spoweDDcho: stop typing now spoweDDcho: ty spoweDDcho: rep master spoweDDcho: ty I was banned for 14 days, and today(17.02.2018) got unbanned, did 5 games and in my last game i got tilted cuz their jg ganked me 2-3 times and i got tilted. I started to complain and told my jg that he is "trash"(you can see the chat). I told him only "trash" and "ape" - and that's why i got suspended? Only for these 2 words? Thank you league of legends community, i didn't even told him things like "fck your mother".

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