Riot doesnt care '' some peoples '' report.

I am getting flamed , trolled just because for having '' Turkish '' in my nickname , i ve reported em everysingle time and i didnt even fightback with em. I tought '' riot will take care of it , keep calm and mute. '' but i never had feedback about my reports. They dont care what their people do , but i am getting 10 match chat rest ( 4-5 months ago ) just because defending myself against racism. That is what euw people do , I keep trying hard to save my adc , save my team but when i make 1 mistake , just 1 little mistake they start calling me '' Turkish ape , omg such troll , go back to ur server , i hope u kill urself etc. '' and i am just simply replying '' stop being racist '' then they taalk to enemy team for my report... I really dont get it , i am living in Europe too ( Istanbuls Europe side ) , I have right to play in this server too ! Hope riot sees that and makes some research...

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