i need a witness/duo mate, ranked bugged? cant win anymore

Hi all, i just lost 5 games in a row, and i bet not even froggen, faker or anyone would have won them, got demoted to platin3 because of this, i am looking for someone who a: duo with me b: spectate my games and tell me i am not crazy/bronce5 c: watch the replays of my last 5 matches and tell me i am not crazy/bronce5 every game someone 0.6.0 or intentioally feed, leave, rage and QQ...my team literally does EVERYTHING so we lose,this cant be real!! yes, i am that desperate! gp:"i am going bot, got tp rdy" adc:going with him....they baron stuff like that jungler like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpcdVHUS-sM who flame in the end team sucks
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