Actual broken punishment system (Am i allowed to post text as to why im chat restricted)

I logged in today to see that ive been banned from chat for 10 games which may seem a small thing i know but here is the thing. My middle lane was afk for the first 3-4 minutes of the match, they then start to complain as to why i have not ganked them when i actually did at this point they were down 1/3. I defended myself saying that he had been afk fed middle lane and is now crying about me ganking his lane ( i checked his match history he had a 10 loss streak no joke) we had a conversation no insults were thrown i defended myself and he said he was going to report me which he did and i reported him as he was toxic and actually afk in the game which is a reportable offence. I received no feedback which means that no action was taken against this player but i on the other hand receive a 10 game chat ban for defending myself against an afk salty player. Ive lost my honour rank and rewards because of this. I've said this time and time again, you can literally int / afk in game and receive no punishment at all but if some player reports you for the slightest thing you will get banned. Am i allowed to copy and paste the text into this forum so others can judge and see if its fair that i get banned for 10 games of chat ?
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