When you get suspended because someone flamed you *Logic*

I love it when my team flames. It is a wonderful and an unappreciated thing. I personally think that it is amusing to, in this case, read the hateful comments that shows up in my chat. Conflicts between people can be oh-so fun to read. Sometimes though, these "wonderful comments" can be directed to me, and only me. There can be a total of 4 people that are absolutly "trash-talking" on me. But most of the times, I can restrain my self and ignore whatever is beeing said about me, MOST of the times, the key word here is MOST. Thought, the one time I lossen up a bit, when they really hit the "sweet spot", when they get under my skin like fleas, that's when IT happens. The one time, I tell you, THE ONE GOD DAMN TIME I fire back. Guess what happens ? Guess, right now. What do you think this whole post is about? I´ll tell you. I GOT SUSPENDED FOR 14 DAYS, 2 weeks, half a month, 7+7 days, 7 days and one week, one week and 7 days, you get the point. Ridiculous is what it is. And the funny thing is, that I wasn't the worst one, in fact, I can confidently say that I was one of the people (there was me and another guy) who kept it cool. I can admit that I said things like, %%%, %%%% and comparing stats with the one I was wildly arguing with. But I guess that's how it goes. wow, I guess i shouldn't use the chat at all in the future, might get suspended, or maybe even worse, get an ip-ban. Seriously, they don't check how everyone else was? I mean THEY start it, and no I'm not any five-year-old kid on the internet. Sure as hell sounds like one though.. Btw, 14 DAYS ? can't remember that i've been banned before. A bit too much ?
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