Managing Your Bad Temper

How To Handle A Bad Temper | 9 Tips To Control your Anger
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Hello everyone. It's not uncommon to see other players on this board saying things like "I can't control my anger when X" or "I only flame when I'm angry". With that in mind, here's the deal. By chance or play of fate, I came across this youtube video. It made me think on how we could use those tips for League of Legends specifically. To anyone that thinks they can't control their anger, this is for you. Here are the top 6 tips to help you control it: ##1 - Identify what makes you mad and actively avoid it Maybe it's something someone told you in chat. Maybe you're having a bad game. Maybe you're teammates are having a bad game. Whatever it is, identify it. If you can avoid it, then do. For instance, if someone is annoying you in chat, before you start flaming them back, mute them instead. I know this is cliché, but it's the truth. For some of you it may be better to just /mute-all at the start of the game or "remove" chat completely. I will talk about the other cases shortly. ##2 - Relax If you can't avoid what makes you mad, then practice relaxation technics to help you deal with it instead. You can't control how your teammates play, but you can control what you do about it. If your team playing bad makes you mad, then take a few seconds for yourself and just breathe. Follow the [4-7-8 technic]( to slow your heart rate, which in turn will make you more relaxed. [Youtube video]( to teach you. Maybe you don't want to "just breathe". That's fine. I got something else. Buy a stuffed animal or something to focus your attention on. Complain to it, literally. Talk to it like you would in chat to vent off your frustration. They "listen" and don't judge. The best part is they won't ban your account. Maybe you think stuffed animals are childish. That's okay too. Instead of a stuffed animal just complain to the computer screen. The main objective is to put you back in a relaxed/neutral state. ##3 - Think before you speak This one goes really well with point 2. Before you start typing like a madman and call someone "a degenerate piece of shit (...)", think about what you were going to say. Think about it and don't do it. It's okay to think about it. That's your anger trying to take control, but you need to be stronger. You are in control here. To help you get it under control just follow the step above. This is important because once you send it in chat you can't take it back. You can't magically erase what you just said. Ultimately it might get you punished and you don't want that. ##4 - Get physicial! No, not like that. I mean practice exercise. Seriously. Search for a gym in your area and just do it. Maybe you can't spend money on a gym (or don't want to). That's fine. Go out for a jog instead. Exercise helps our body spend energy and, most importantly, relieve stress. It doesn't need to be something extreme either. A simple 10 to 20 minute jog everyday is a good start. More power to you if you try something interesting. ######[Capoeira]( looks fun, doesn't it? ##5 - Take a timeout. As I said in tip 1, maybe you are having a bad game (or bad day in general). If that's the case, take a break. I'm not saying you should AFK, but after that game ends just stop for the day. Some people need longer breaks than others. For you may be one hour, for someone else 1 week. What's important is that you are strong enough to call it quits when something isn't right. Also, taking a break doesn't mean you should play League in a different mode (eg Normal games). It literally means: stop playing. Go do what tip 4 says instead. ##6 - Get help. Maybe you are one of those cases (like I was) that really needs professional help. If this is you, then your anger isn't game related at all. Your anger exists everywhere and anywhere in your daily live. How can you control yourself in the game if you are angry outside of it too? Psychologists can be expensive, so you might need an alternative. Find an anger management group. You should also quit League all together until you have your anger under control. This is a very extreme case and doesn't apply to most. *** Follow those 6 tips and tell me how it goes for you. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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