Does Riot actually bans trollers?

I was looking at my old tickets i sent to the support and i stumpled upon one of them where i reported a guy whom i played twice in a row and trolled both times by selling all his items and afking in the base,i reported him twice after the game and sent the ticket to the support where i even showed photos of his match history being full of those trolls,they told me they would check it out so i checked his profile 1 month after sending that ticket to see if he is reformed,i saw that his profile doesnt have as many trolls as before but he still has games where are lost with him having no items because of his trolling,so im asking does riot actually punishes those who repeatedly troll? its not that this guy abuses the system or something he straight up sells all of his items and chills in the base and he somehow survived a supposed "manual check"?
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