"Ruining games"

12 days ago, I joined a champion select, normal game, all good. Typed "jgl" first and was about to pick a champion, then someone else typed "jg" and instalocked Lee Sin, after arguing with him I decided to be the better man and took mid, with the 3 seconds I had left I picked Azir, which I never played, just the first mid laner I saw. Then I saw I'm a against a Zed with a skin, completely ruining my game. There is no report button for instalocking, there is no report button for not agreeing to the standards of champion select, so I took the punishment to my own hands. I have been the better man and I'll have a shit game and he did the bad stuff, and he will enjoy a good game. So I intentionally fed, I wanted this Lee to not enjoy his game, he did bad stuff he deserves punishment that Riot do not serve. We should have chat detectors that see who types each role first and a report button for it. I am now banned for 2 weeks and have locked rewards because "Players say intentional feeding ruins game", that also ruins games. I'm now banned because I wanted to see justice served. That's wrong. Say I'm just salty, that I'm angry and that I'm immature, you're completely right. But I wanted to play a video game, unranked, to just enjoy, not to win, and I can't enjoy if the game isn't fun on normal because some moron can ruin your game and get away with it.
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