How permanent ban works?

Few days ago I get permabanned. I deserved it for sure, because I said some things that was considered toxic. But to be honest, all this toxic games were kidna same - one (or more ) teammates flame me very hard. Terrible things about my family (graveyard related, I really dont want to repeat my teammates words but you get the idea). I am hard-to-tilt person, 'noob, feeder, reported' dont offend me, but I cant remain silent when my family is offended. Also, I noticed one thing - no matter WHAT you write, seems like system only count HOW MUCH you write, because in one log there were literally 0 offence - just things like lets take tower, drake, ect. And few caps messages like "PLEASE GO NASHOR RIGHT NOW TEAM" (now I know you cant use caps at all, system count caps as flame too) . One of my 3 ban-related games were my promo where I tried way too hard, system dont like when I communicate too much, even with 0 offence. Just want to know - If one person started to flame very hard (obv banned very soon, probably right after game) - why would you ban victims which just trying to protect own family? It seems kinda unfair, because I'm normal person and cant stay silent forever. Please let me know if there any way to play this game without /all mute, and how many words can I write per game without system saying "Oh he write so much probably flaming very hard". Just want to share with you one of my logs - please tell me what I did wrong in this game. I get flamed non stop, and thats all what I said - not a single offensive word. If needed I can upload screen, but this chat log seems insane for me - what I said wrong? Game 3 In-Game FlaNdr3 Scarlet: lux FlaNdr3 Scarlet: very nice skin FlaNdr3 Scarlet: my dream FlaNdr3 Scarlet: my bad sorry FlaNdr3 Scarlet: ? FlaNdr3 Scarlet: u dive FlaNdr3 Scarlet: under FlaNdr3 Scarlet: tower FlaNdr3 Scarlet: sorry FlaNdr3 Scarlet: walk with team yu FlaNdr3 Scarlet: im not very usefull now FlaNdr3 Scarlet: yuumi FlaNdr3 Scarlet: go with ahri FlaNdr3 Scarlet: I need to afk farm FlaNdr3 Scarlet: now FlaNdr3 Scarlet: ahri FlaNdr3 Scarlet: dude FlaNdr3 Scarlet: yes me FlaNdr3 Scarlet: not ahri who afk FlaNdr3 Scarlet: in fight FlaNdr3 Scarlet: sorry FlaNdr3 Scarlet: im not FlaNdr3 Scarlet: losing this FlaNdr3 Scarlet: and im nto flaming FlaNdr3 Scarlet: you keep flaming me FlaNdr3 Scarlet: non stop FlaNdr3 Scarlet: im staying silent FlaNdr3 Scarlet: nvm FlaNdr3 Scarlet: ./mute all

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