Don't unban Nubrac.

Because this a very controversial topic right now i want to explain the other side of the view on Nubrac. In my eyes maybe a 2 week ban was a bit harsh but a week ban definitly would've been okay. You guys defend him because night blue talked trash to him and he was manualy baned because a player asked his Riot friend which is perfectly understandable and fine which also shouldn't happen. There shouldn't be Rioters baning people manualy because a famous streamer asked them to do or are friends with them. But now lets look at how Nubrac impacts the game when he is actually playing. It's not forbidden to play off meta strats but only if they actually make sense and don't troll your team in the process. Nubracs strat is a really hard double edged blade that either can do something or goes completly wrong and results in a ff 15 especially in that Elo. Also he has a way other impact on his team than he thinks. He is playing this strategy because it makes fun for him and HE thinks that it's helping his teammates but lets look at how his team feels about having support teemo mid/top. League Recap made a really good video on that pointing out the views of other pro players on Nubrac and no one in Master/Challenger really seems to like him. Just because Nubrac thinks that it's helping his teammates it doesn't mean it actually does. Imagine playing something hard late game like Kayle on toplane. Your goal is to reach lvl 11 as fast as possible to actually become a real champion. Now you have teemo support on your lane who soaks your exp. I definitly wouldnt want that first off i don't reach my powerspike in time and second it would tilt the shit out of me because Nubrac isn't even communicating his strategy to his teammates. He is not asking the people if they want that he just does without looking at how his team feels about his strategy or if they even want that. He can hold back whole midlaners or toplaners who could've solo carried on their own by denying them exp and lets be real no matter how hard you support him you wouldnt want top/mid teemo support in your promo games and would've report him too. And right now Nubrac doesn't seem to understand how his strategy impacts his teammates ingame and on a personal way and sometimes people have to learn the hardway that their strategy isn't as potent as they think it is on their own. So yeah i think on a gameplay perspective Nubracs ban is really justified.
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