Sexism in Video Games are still real

So a game of Ranked went south fast and we got pummeled. To the enemy Kled that carried their team, nice work!! So the game was over and post-chat allied team played the blame game. I was a Karma Support that died three times and the rest of the team died 5 times or more each. There was an entire array of reasons why the game went terrible. I'm no godly player either, and I'll never claim to be one. Instead the harassment ended up being "Oh you must be a girl gamer being a Support Main" >_< No. Just. No. Please stop this stupid sexist assumptions. The person in question I've already reported and I did have them attempt to add me as a "Friend" and I'm sure it's to harass me some more. But no, just stop it. Instead, just write off the game as a steaming pile of mess and move on. Yes the blame game was strong and I dunno, maybe next time I'll come in with you Vlad and we'll die together. But if you're going in against 4 rather strongly fed enemies I'm not going to go in there, because I cannot create miracles and neither can you. It's disappointing that people just immaturely go for the "Supports = Girl Gamer" stereotype. It's pathetic, uncalled for and immature. I'm not a good gamer, and I may not be the best, and neither are a HUGE amount of players that play this game. Instead of just shouting, screaming and using discriminatory stereotypes, just move on already instead of trying to harass players over a video game. It's not worth it and of all the video games that I do enjoy playing, this is the only place where such low, inexcusable behavior persists. Everytime I think "Oh, I'll leave everyone unmuted for a change" this happens. Back to /mute all every game me thinks.... EDIT: I'm a male. If you really must know what gender I am. And yes I enjoy playing supports :3
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