Is it worth flaming in normal game guys?

I am not doing that and I will never do, at least not in chat, IRL i will curse as much as I want. I understand flaming in ranked (in some way, it is not good in any way). But in normal game? I mean, you are playing normal because you want to chill, relax or learn a new champion. Why there are ppl that need to prove how good Master Yis they are and call whole bunch of curses on your head? My experience was that I went from fountain, was like in first quarter of my lane and my jungler died to my laner and called me sleeper and other not so polite stuff... Tell me, was there a reason to flame? He knew I was away, he knew I couldn't get there in time and he still went in... Then, ofc., it was hard not to die to Zed that got first blood. So what do you expect happened next? He flamed me for feed. I gave him 3 kills, 2 of them were 1:1 trades on him. I tried my best to learn a new champion, but I gave up later on when there are ppl like this... What was your worst experience?
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