The story of how my adc disowned me

Once upon a time, on the far end of the rift where only the bravest venture, there was I, making my way to the forsaken botlane, with my adc. At first when we spawned, i started moving towards it a bit before him, but opted to wait for him so i stopped. Once he got his items, he came up to me, and passed me and i took off into a run after him, since our movement speed is miles appart. The minions have spawned, and we had started trading with the enemy botlane. I pinged him to fall back a bit untill I ward, and just as i have placed it i hear "first blood" and saw my adc was dead. As i was about to write something comforting he wrote to me "gg supp is afk". I ignored it and wrote nothing. While he was coming back to the lane, unfortunately i was alone, and literally got dived since i was squishy by the enemy bot and their jngler, and thus died. My adc decided to be friendly again: "omg this useless supp". But alas, i persevered and didn't talk. 3rd time we experienced our glorious deaths was when we just got out traded 2v2. At that point this followed: Adc: You know what, you are so useless, just gtfo of my lane Me: I can't, laning phase isn't over Adc: Just leave, i don't need you, i will only farm just GO AWAY Me: But im your supp Adc: I have no supp nor do i need one gtfo GO ALREADY *insert ping spam to fall back* fking useless waste of space GO Me: FINE I WILL GO Thus i started my thorney journey through the rift, searching for where could i belong since i have been banished from my lane. I went mid. *insert hopefull music* I tried to help our mid even poked the enemy a bit,got him low even! We were bullying him out rly well, but then: Mid: Hey can you like gtfo you are taking all of my xp *ping spam to fall back" *insert sad violine music* So all i had left was to ward propperly at least. I went to the dragon pit, but then, from the depths of the fog of war, there he was, the enemy jngler staring me down, pinging his allies to come for me, since i was alone. Enemy mid join him soon followed by their adc. At that moment i can tell you guys, i peed myself a bit. But it would turn out, that one ward i managed to put down, was instantly used by our top laner to tp and try to help, and our jngler showed up out of nowhere as well! And we won that 3v3! Me: Thank you guys, i thought i was rly dead there, btw you didnt have to use tp just for me :/ Top: Ohana means family, and family means noone is left behind Jngler: Exactly, just cuz our adc is a douche doesn't mean you don't have us Me: *warm heart* Top: Now the come with me, i heared you need a lane. Me: But won't i be taking your xp? Top: Like i give a fk, now come Top and me: Happily walk into the sunset and win the game later Now then, to tell you guys the truth, after the fall out with my adc my motivation to keep playing that current game and win it has went down, since he kept throwing comments every time he died even if i wasn't there, still blaming me. I understood why mid didn't want to take me in, and tbh it sucks going through the rift like a lost puppy. But having that top and jngl in my game, didn't only keep me psychologically in the game but also gave me an insane wish to repay them in a way by playing my 110%. Top and jngl, you were the real mvps that day, I salute you. When your teammate is being "bullied" help him out. I promise you, they will appreciate it more than anything.
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