Thanks for not letting me climb guys.

Ranked restriction for another 35 games. I truly think this is nuts.. 35 wins.. Takes approximately a week to get out of this. A fcking week!!!!!!! I'm also quite unsure of why I get this tbh. I'd like to get some information on this one so that I know what my mistake was. As I know it, I havent been flaming. I havent been verbal abusing people. I havent trolled. I havent left games. Please, enlighten me. I also believe that from now on, Im not gonna use the chat AT ALL. Cuz this is fcking stupid. Riot, you guys are awesome and I love you for this game. But 35 games? Comeon.. That sh!t is fcking nonsense! And no, this is not a whine thread nor do I ask for my restriction to get lifted. I just want to know what I did wrong. And btw, you guys might aswell remove the chatbox. Since you can't say ANYTHING without it being considered flaming. Cheers
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