why riot why im good person :(((

noobs you cantr stop me this acoount was only 7 lvl and send me more polish people plz main singed Game 1 Qalista: go away robot noob Qalista: report this robot jax lz Qalista: nice bastard Qalista: no flash low lvl and ur mid to go u will feed me Qalista: camp more noob Qalista: irelia Qalista: sell ur mom for 1 normal win Qalista: this nob jungle reported Qalista: 20 farm behind and lucky bastard polish Qalista: go afk uselss Qalista: luxx nobo sell dark seal u are low Qalista: pro jungle 5 lvl Qalista: bb quit fck ur mom Qalista: plz ur mom get cancert bastard Qalista: man you 13 lvl 5 min Qalista: fck ur mom Qalista: pl Qalista: am Qalista: go play bot game intro brainless kkid Qalista: how this gay on my team Qalista: go gank anyone if you can fcking polish Qalista: pl dog Qalista: no idea for jungle Qalista: nice sniper Qalista: nice lux more skilshoots Qalista: UR MOM GET CANCER BASTARD Qalista: fking jungle carry Qalista: lux how many miss q noob Qalista: lux carry plz pro skilhhots Qalista: you are thrash Qalista: fcking polish Qalista: jungle Qalista: report this bastard Qalista: fcking polish aurelin Qalista: next time low lux Qalista: report this jungle Qalista: polish bastard Qalista: nice q lux Qalista: lux go next time bot game maybe you dont miss q Qalista: report jungle Qalista: fcking low Qalista: nice q fcking noob Qalista: report jax and jungle Qalista: idiot Qalista: look at jungle Qalista: he dont have brain Qalista: fck all polish Qalista: fcking robot Qalista: jax Qalista: 30 min Qalista: dont have boots Qalista: fck ur mom mom Qalista: lux fck ur dead polish mom 0 q Qalista: shut up polish Qalista: go burn

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