The Most 'Toxic' Behaviour in League

The folks who call someone 'toxic' just because they pointed out they did something wrong. However politely. The whole idea of 'toxic behaviour' is 'toxic'. It makes me ill to think that you guys are pushing this good behaviour stuff so hard that as soon as someone doesn't quite agree or has a differing opinion they are 'toxic and getting banned'. It's hard to word this post as I feel that anyone who uses the term 'toxic behaviour' is a 12yr-old Lyte PhD-sucker. Now, please, don't get me wrong... I am whole heartedly against verbal abuse and/or harassment of any sort, it's not on. Going out of your way to make someone's day miserable is appalling behaviour and _should_ bare consequences. Though calling someone a %%%%, I feel, should not be punishable. Why do I feel that way you ask? Well, as a player you have to make a concious decision to turn off the profanity filter, if you don't want to see that kind of language then you're just an idiot for turning it off and expecting people to respect that. My apologies if this isn't too well written and worded, I'm struggling to articulate exactly what I am trying to explain. I just feel that Riot is trying far too hard to mommy-cuddle the community and it's leading to over-sensitising a portion of the community who immediately take offence and report someone just because they disagree. Why are you trying to eradicate a core part of competitive games? Trash talk is huge in all sports and games, getting inside your opponents head and all that. Obviously there is a line, but I feel you guys at Riot are drawing the line too soon. Draw the line at racism, harassment and serious offences; don't punish people for claiming to shag someone's mother. It's petty trash talk and if kids can't take that then they probably shouldn't be on the internet and their parents might want to rethink how much attention they are paying their child. It's pathetic banning people for this stuff. Just my 2 cents. If this is in the wrong place delete my post I don't care. No I'm not salty over a ban or anything, I have had one chat ban across 5-6 accounts and that was in fact on this account. I just feel the League community is a joke in comparison to other big games, going too far with this player behaviour piffpaff and that you're pussifying the community to be whiny bitches.
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