Get rid of trolls? Aka Best Server?

Hello everyone, recently I've been struggling with undesirable teammates players. I swear it's been happening like all the time, every second game I played. The players refuse to communicate, cooperate and even to divide into lanes properly (I happened to say I'll be TOP though VARUS took my place, I was forced to go BOT where I didn't have any support since Ezreal refused to fall back from MID lane where already Fizz was on point).... I mean, **SERIOUSLY??** I play on EUNE and I hardly meet reliable players, and I don't even talk about their skills. I just talk about their behaviour aka "NOOB, REPORT, KSSSSSS" plus being afk of course. I'm done with that. It makes me to leave LoL community, but I don't want to leave it just because stupid kid trolls. My question: From your experience, which server would you consider the best server with averege best reliable players (probably out of NA, EUW, EUNE) who actually want to play a good game?
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