ezreal = ranked ban?

Greetings :3 So my previous post got removed cause it was posted at the wrong board :s I'll try again :) Today i played a few 3-5man premade normal games and picked ezreal whenever i could because hes broken and its actually fun to have 20kills average :p My enemy teams had different opinions! They flamed me from min 0 and in post game chat for picking ezreal and added me even afterwards to wish me and my family cancer (this didnt happen once but a few times in a row) On top of that they abused the report system and reported me just for carrying my game, so i got the warning for being offensive or negative or whatever almost every single game In the end im ranked banned and chat restricted for playing ezreal and destroying everything with it, just cause its the easiest way to win atm. Imao this is not how an automated system should work. A litte side note: I got recently banned for being toxic in ranked, that might have influenced the system to get toxic players punished faster, but i learned my lesson and serverd my sentence so this is really just unfair and should be looked at/fixed. Best regards Sogari
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