I got banned for having fun with my team?

So today I've played on my summoner LancelØt in like 1:30 am a game. I played {{champion:157}} and immediately when I saw how my teammates interact, I knew they had a sense of humor. During the game after I won my lane I was making jokes, acting like an autist to spread a good vibe across the team which I did manage to do. After the game I've been greeted with a ''Player Banned'' message. I went to make a ticket right away because as I said, everything I was saying during the game was just trolling/attempting to make my team have fun and in no way have I insulted someone which I can assure and probably the players that played with me can too. After like 20 hours of waiting for a reply I've been greeted with the good ol' automated message which basically says that toxicity isn't tolerated bla bla totally ignoring the fact that I was trolling. The message brang me up 2 examples of that game that lead to the ban. LancelØt: %%% and LancelØt: %%%gots don't die. So the %%% was directed to my Ezreal teammate as a sarcastic message because we were talking about some shit so i told him to kill himself lul. During the game I've had the most fun talking to him than with any other player in the whole game. And the ''%%%gots don't die'' message was directed to my whole team, once again, as a sarcastic message to tell them they should wait for me. I'd like to have a rioter properly investigate this because all of this wasn't toxicity at all :/
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