Particular positive game experience

The amount of games that I played within the last months has reduced and reduced because of the negative experience I ha with multiple players and teams. However - today I hate such a positive experience that really brought fun into my game and might have caused me to start playing more again. The last game I played as Nami ([Match History]( was exciting, strategic and positive. The most part of the game was close - nobody tilted, everone helped and everyone cooperated even without much words (neat and constructive words were exchanged additionally). Fights were long and when you died you know that the enemy just had a better moment - then you would turn that around later. I want ot thank everyone on my team AND the enemy team for this positive game exprience and I wish every player in league of legends to have such positive game experiences. Gratitude and greetings to >Tharrok92 (Rumble) OTPSKARNER (Hecarim) 420 Charm It (Ahri) xXKJ1Xx (Caitlyn) Hyouzou (Morgana) and >ArktosLv81 (Rengar) Acolent (Elise) XboxFisk (Twisted Fate) Omarado (Twitch)
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