i got perma banned

Where did i flame? GAME 3 iPortuguese: u dont hit spells but ur autos take half my hp dont u love iPortuguese: zoe iPortuguese: sorry was not watching iPortuguese: WTF iPortuguese: u put mastery emote now i have to farm and see u late game ;) iPortuguese: WTF iPortuguese: HAVE U SEEN THIS iPortuguese: WW iPortuguese: U SAW THIS iPortuguese: WHY DOES WW TALK iPortuguese: HAVE HE TRIED TO HELP ME? iPortuguese: why he tlaking iPortuguese: still beter winrate than u though iPortuguese: she is fed and gets ganks i cant deal with taht iPortuguese: when will i get a gank iPortuguese: no ganks then i will give her kills no problme iPortuguese: im jungler now iPortuguese: cait iPortuguese: am i fighting? iPortuguese: she is winning and she gets ganks iPortuguese: what can i do iPortuguese: cait im gonna int bvot iPortuguese: idc iPortuguese: u talk to much iPortuguese: cait u talk 1 moire time i will run it down mid iPortuguese: sorry for ur winrate iPortuguese: u too iPortuguese: why are u so worry about me iPortuguese: i got 0 ganks iPortuguese: u cnat talk iPortuguese: ok if u report me i better not play it iPortuguese: im gonna take a rest iPortuguese: if u guys gonna report me no need for me to try right? iPortuguese: 0 ganks GAME 1 iPortuguese: and not my fault iPortuguese: U BAN MY CHAMP iPortuguese: I HAD IT LOCKED IN iPortuguese: AND? iPortuguese: U OBVIOUSLY TROLL iPortuguese: my fault he ban my champ ok iPortuguese: i chose him actually iPortuguese: i didnt he ban my champ on purpose iPortuguese: vayne has no fault then? iPortuguese: im gonna explain vayne bans my champ dont know why iPortuguese: AND WHY U BAN MY CHAMP iPortuguese: ahahah shyvana calm down dont make me laugh iPortuguese: still better winrate then u broi iPortuguese: yes iPortuguese: still ur hardstuck iPortuguese: im 70%winrate in other iPortuguese: no gold ... iPortuguese: disgusting is tryharding in this game like u did LOL iPortuguese: no u won this before it even starts u just tryhard like crazy ahahahha iPortuguese: what cant u understand u try to make crazy plays dives at lvl 3 when we get 4 players and we have troll pickl iPortuguese: ok u obviosly new to the game no point in talking iPortuguese: and u dont know what tryharding is? iPortuguese: or u are %%%%%%ed iPortuguese: vayne i just ask u why u ban ekko iPortuguese: ofc fizz iPortuguese: im waiting iPortuguese: vayne and why ban ekko if hes not even strong iPortuguese: u obviously did it on purpose iPortuguese: shyv why u talk u hardstuck gold 5 iPortuguese: vayne u lose cause u ban my champ u happy now
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